About Folkestone Rescue

We keep people safe on Folkestone & Dymchurch coast.

We are Folkestone Rescue, an independent charity which provides lifeguards and lifeboats at Folkestone and Dymchurch.

Based at Sunny Sands beach and Dymchurch beach slipway, we cover the coast between Sandgate and Dover, and Dymchurch beach. Our organisation works in partnership with HM Coastguard, the RNLI, and NCI.

How to Find Us

When we are open, you can find our lifeguards on Sunny Sands beach at Folkestone. We are based inside our Lifeguard Lookout, on the corner of the grey building with the sloped roof above the beach.

Our lifeguards frequently patrol the beaches, and you can recognise them by their red & yellow uniforms. You can often see our lifeboats in the bay between Sunny Sands beach and Folkestone Harbour Arm.

At Dymchurch, our lifeguards are stationed at the main slipway on Dymchurch beach.

Operations Area

At Folkestone, our lifeguards patrol Sunny Sands beach, Little Sands beach, and Coronation Parade. In addition, we also keep an eye on Folkestone Harbour and Folkestone Harbour Arm.

At Dymchurch, our lifeguards patrol the beach, centred around the main slipway.

Our lifeboats are able to respond to any incidents on the coast between Sandgate and Samphire Hoe.

Operating Hours

From April to September, we normally operate at weekends between the hours of 10am and 4pm at Folkestone, and from 10am to 5pm at Dymchurch. We also operate during certain special events.

When our lifeguards are on duty, red & yellow flags will be flying at Sunny Sands. You can see our current flag status on the right hand side of this website.

Our History

Folkestone had an RNLI lifeboat station from 1893 to 1930. You can read about it at the Folkestone & District Local History Society.

Lifeguards were often at Folkestone’s Sunny Sands in the late 20th century, and a rescue boat was stationed there from 2006 until it closed in 2013.

Subsequently, Folkestone Rescue was founded in 2014 by former rescue boat volunteers and members of the community to provide wider coverage of lifeguards and lifeboats to keep people safe along Folkestone’s coast.

In 2022, our services were further extended to cover Dymchurch beach.