Lifeguard Flag

Understanding Beach Flags

You may see flags flying at Sunny Sands beach.

These flags are an important safety indicator, telling you whether lifeguards are on duty, and whether it is safe to swim.

Remember that flags may change at short notice, so please double check which flag is flying at your location before you enter the water.

Red & Yellow Flag = Lifeguards on duty

If red and yellow flags are flying, Lifeguards are on duty and it is safe to swim between these flags.

Red Flag = Danger

If a red flag is flying, it is dangerous to swim, and you should not enter the water.

Yellow Flag = Caution

If a yellow flag is flying, caution should be used. Seek advice from lifeguards on whether it is safe to swim.

No Flag

No Flag = Lifeguards not on duty

If there are no flags, lifeguards are not on duty. You will be entering the water at your own risk. In an emergency, you should call the Coastguard on 999.