Incident: Vehicle Stuck in Harbour, 2nd June 2019

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In the late afternoon of Sunday 2nd June, it was reported that a vehicle had been driven into Folkestone Harbour at low tide, and become stuck.

Although outside of our operating hours, a representative from Folkestone Rescue attended to provide assistance and ensure everyone’s safety. Officials from Folkestone Coastguard and the Folkestone Harbour Company were also in attendance.

Vehicle stuck in mud at Folkestone Harbour.
Mercedes people carrier with trailer stuck in Folkestone Harbour mud.

On arrival it was discovered that a member of public had driven a Mercedes people carrier across the beach and into the harbour, in an apparent attempt to retrieve a Jet Ski.

The people carrier had become stuck fast in the harbour mud, and the tide was beginning to come in. Luckily, a local 4×4 owner came to the rescue and the vehicle was retrieved with a tow rope.

Road vehicles are unsuitable for use on the beach and in the harbour, and anyone attempting to take a vehicle down the slipways is at very high risk of becoming stuck in mud and sand.

We also recommend that no-one attempt to enter Folkestone Harbour on foot, as the thick mud has been known to trap people, putting them at risk from the rising tide.

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