Incident: Swimmer in Distress, 28th July 2018

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At 1.45pm today, a member of the public informed us that they were concerned for the welfare of a swimmer in the water near Copt Point.

Three of our lifeguards immediately responded to the area equipped with throw-ropes and life-rings. On arrival, three people were seen in the water around 25-30 meters off shore. Conditions were difficult, with 30mph crosswinds and 6 foot waves. One of our crew swam out to the individuals with a life-ring attached to a line held by crew on the shore.

It was discovered that an adult male had been struggling to swim back to shore due to the weather, and two other people had swum out to assist him. All persons were pulled back to shore by crew.

The adult male was found to be suffering from cramp in his legs and unable to walk. As he was also struggling to breathe, an ambulance was called and he was carried back to the safety of the beach by crew, where he was met by the South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAMB) and taken into their care for assessment and treatment.

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