Incident: ‘House’ Rescue, 2nd March 2018

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Folkestone Rescue, with the assistance of David Harvey from Frizbee Printing, Ronnie Shucksmith from the motorboat section of FYMBC and a kind gentleman from a local trawler, were tasked with an unusual request to rescue a house.

Having taken a battering from two extremely windy & snowy days, the Folkestone Triennial art-piece had broken some of its tethers on the platform. The house was at risk of coming off its platform and being damaged if the weather got any worse. Working together with a lot of determination, we managed to manoeuvre the house back onto the floating dock and re-secure it safely.

Despite the snow and strong winds, we are happy to report the house is safe and sound, ready to float on for another day.

Folkestone Rescue lifeguard working on Folkestone Triennial house artwork.

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