Folkestone Harbour at sunset

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Area Map

This map shows the location of coastal areas, public facilities and points of interest. Access should be checked before visiting any areas, and caution should be used at all times when visiting the coast. Coloured areas are not an indication of public accessibility or safety.

Map Key

  • Local Beach
  • Coastal Park
  • Harbour
  • Rocks or Concrete
  • Car Parking
  • Redevelopment
  • Lifeguard Station
  • Public Toilets
  • Folkestone Artwork
  • Sea Sports Centre

Local Areas

Folkestone’s Coastal Areas

Folkestone features several popular areas along its coast, which are visited by hundreds of people each year. For more information about the planned regeneration of Folkestone’s seafront, visit

Sunny Sands (& Little Sands)

Sunny Sands is the sandy beach below the Coronation Parade, just off the Stade. The beach is completely submerged at high tide, which comes right up to the Parade arches and steps. In the right conditions, it is possible to surf in the waters off Sunny Sands.

Little Sands is the small triangle of sandy beach on the other side of the harbour wall, next to the Sunny Sands Kiosk. Dogs are permitted in this area all year round. Swimming off this beach into the harbour is not permitted.

Photography by Freddie Lee Thompson Photography.

Folkestone Harbour

Folkestone Harbour on a clear day

Photo by Freddie Lee Thompson Photography.

Folkestone’s harbour comprises the inner harbour and outer harbour, separated by the old railway viaduct and swing bridge which connects the Stade to the Harbour Arm and is open to the public. Swimming is not permitted in the harbour, due to the many dangers such as motor vessels and submerged moorings. The east pier, which separates the harbour from Sunny Sands beach, is off limits to the public.

Folkestone Harbour Arm

Folkestone’s recently refurbished harbour arm is open to the public all year round, with food, drink and events taking place during the summer season. At the end of the harbour arm is Folkestone Lighthouse, built in 1860.

More information about the harbour arm, including what’s on, can be found at

Photography by Freddie Lee Thompson Photography.

Mermaid Beach

Mermaid Beach is the large pebble beach which stretches between Folkestone Harbour and Sandgate, alongside the Lower Leas Coastal Park. A boardwalk runs across the beach from the Lower Leas Coastal Park to the Harbour Arm.

Lower Leas Coastal Park

Folkestone’s award-winning coastal park is located above Mermaid Beach. It includes gardens, a wildlife area, and an adventure play area.

The Warren Coastal Park

Folkestone Warren

Photo by Freddie Lee Thompson Photography.

The Warren is a country park situated beneath the East Cliffs of Folkestone. A Site of Special Scientific Interest, the park is an important natural habitat to many different species of insect and plant.

Folkestone Artworks

Folkestone has its own collection of public artworks, several of which are along the coast. For more information, and to see a map of all Folkestone Artworks, visit

Kayak Rental

Beach Rental of Kayaks

Kayaks in front of harbour arm.

Did you know that you can rent Kayaks, both single seat and twin seat? Kayaks are available to book on weekends, evenings and summer holidays from Folkestone Sea Sports at Sunny Sands.

You can book either by the hour or for a half-day, morning, afternoon or evening.

Hourly Rates

• Single: £12 (Half hour option available for £6)
• Double: £18 (Half hour option available for £9)

Half-Day Rates

Pickup at 10am, return by 1pm / Pickup at 1pm, return by 4pm.

• Single: £20
• Double: £25

Evening hires are by arrangement in advance. Discounts are available for groups and clubs. Buoyancy aids are provided, and we also have wet suits in many sizes to cover most children and adults. Photo ID and proof of home address are required for all rentals.

For more information, visit the Folkestone Sea Sports website, or Facebook page.


Local Events

Folkestone has several annual events held at the coast, many of which we are involved with. Previous and upcoming events are listed below.